The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee provides fun and informative Distance Learning programs to classrooms, local library and community groups.

Conducted by The Sanctuary's Education Team, these programs incorporate photos, videos, and live-streaming HD EleCam footage to provide students with information about:

• The life histories of the elephants living at The Sanctuary

• Daily life at The Sanctuary for elephants

• The role that humans play in providing care for elephants

• The difference between elephant species

• The diets of the elephants

• And more!

The programs are usually 45 minutes in length, but this is certainly flexible. All that is needed to participate is a computer with web connectivity, a webcam, and a screen large enough for optimal viewing for your audience. The Sanctuary can host up to five “connections” at a time, so up to five groups can all participate at once—everyone doesn’t have to be in the same room.

This non-intrusive observation of the elephants allows viewers to experience natural elephant behavior in a natural setting, and enables them to become familiar with the elephants, their history, habits, and how moving to The Sanctuary has changed their lives. The elephants residing at The Sanctuary represent a new age of captive elephant management; what we can learn from this is invaluable.

If you are interested in more information and/or to schedule a Distance Learning session, please fill out the form below.

The Elephant Sanctuary uses GoToTraining® for Distance Learning.

"Thanks for this afternoon, the children loved it! They're a lively bunch and for them to sit for that long, totally engaged, shows how interested they were."

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